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John Calipari Did It Again - Reportedly Getting Rajon Rondo To Join The Kentucky Coaching Staff Next Season

Look at John Calipari zigging while everyone zags. Everyone around the Commonwealth complaining about his coaching style. Reports that he wasn't allowed to hire more guys as assistant coaches. So what does he do? Land two of the most beloved former players as student assistants. Tyler Ulis is currently on the coaching as one and Rajon Rondo is joining next season.

Hell yes. Give me all the great point guards coming back to join the staff. I'll even take getting rid of Bruiser Flint to get John Wall on staff. What's Brandon Knight up to these days? It's no secret that you need a great point guard to win in college basketball. It's less of a secret that Calipari's best teams has had awesome point guards. Get them all together and create a superteam of student assistant coaches. 

Plus, what's the downside here? Maybe Rondo can get in Cal's ear and modernize the offense. Maybe he won't wait to play his best point guard at that spot. Who knows? All I know is we're moving in the right direction. Obviously we still need some wins this season. Let's not lie there. But getting Rondo and Ulis together? That's how we get back to some glory days. Just don't let Calipari get hot and be willing to adapt.