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How UFC Fighter Terrance McKinney Went From Foe-To-Friend Of Barstool In 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, UFC fighter Terrance McKinney has gone from someone we considered a bitter rival to someone I think we'd call a friend of the program. 

How did that happen, you ask? I'm gonna have to wind the clock back about two weeks to explain.

It all started with this exchange, where JackMac picked Terrance McKinney's opponent, newcomer Ismael Bonfim, to beat McKinney in his UFC debut....

Terrance somehow saw that exchange on the morning of the fight, and responded with the following little chirp at Barstool….

None of us felt the need to respond right away, because we hear shit like that every day - but we started playing up the McKinney vs Barstool narrative on the timeline throughout the day; and then when it came down to the bout itself, Bonfim wound up defeating McKinney via flying knee knockout.

I wrote the above blog titled "Terrance McKinney Gets Knocked Out Cold Just Hours After Claiming Barstool Didn't Know Sports" immediately, which was admittedly pretty disrespectful and petty as hell - but I thought something like that was fair game and obviously in jest considering what unfolded earlier.

Terrance understandably didn't take too kindly to that, however, and fired off a couple more anti-Barstool tweets….

From there I honestly took a step back, realized I was kicking a man while he's at his lowest and dancing on his grave, and decided I was probably in the wrong on this one. So I dropped it and didn't even respond back while MMA Twitter was completely flaming me for "disrespecting the sport" and all of that shit. We did a Spinnin Backfist MMA Show where we broke it down and discussed where I was coming from, and let it go.

Then, I saw a couple more anti-Barstool tweet tweets from Terrance - including this response to Micah Parsons….

At this point, almost two full weeks removed from all the drama, I felt the need to respond. I didn't feel like the "Barstool writers think they're better than the athletes they cover" narrative had even an ounce of truth to it, and wanted to just shut that down. 

Once I fired off my first response - we were off to the races. 

I haven't been in a Twitter fight like that in years; really got the blood flowin, ya know?

Even the fuckin Nate Dawg jumped into the fray!

It's not often the DAWG starts barkin on Twitter anymore.

Anyway, after hours of angrily tweeting at each other back-and-forth, Terrance hit me up via Direct Messange and essentially said that we've got tons of mutual friends, this is a stupid beef, and we should just squash it. 

I agreed, as it was never meant to be a serious thing in the first place, and invited him onto the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show today to bury the hatchet for good….

We may have some fundamental disagreements about the whole saga still, but I don't think Terrance is gonna beat me up if he sees me anymore - so we'll take that! Progress is progress. He's still gunning for a fight with Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett as well, so we agreed that if that fight winds up gets booked, it's war again and we'll go back to hating each other in an instant.

Seriously though, I was glad to get this resolved and thought Terrance McKinney handled his appearance on the show today tremendously well. 

Tensions got too high and we both got a little too feisty over the last few weeks, but at the end of the day - I don't think either of us want beef with anybody. I mean - I'm just too laid back to have rivalries on my mind. I'd rather extend that olive branch and smoke a joint with my enemies.