A Real Life "Home Alone II" Situation Happened In Israel As Parents Left Their Baby At The Gate After Refusing To Pay For An Extra Airline Ticket

An infant was abandoned at a Tel Aviv airport by his parents, who tried to board their flight to Belgium without him after they failed to purchase a ticket for the child, authorities said.

The unnamed parents, who both held Belgian passports, had arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on Tuesday with their baby, planning to board a Ryanair flight to Brussels, the Israeli Airport Authority told local Channel 12.

But according to officials, the family arrived at Terminal 1 late, after the check-in counter had closed, and the parents were either unable or unwilling to buy a ticket for their child.

The mom and dad then left the carrier with their son next to the check-in counter while they rushed toward the security line so they could board the flight.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Visit that part of the world and people decide it's a good idea to leave a baby in a basket hoping some nice pharaoh finds it. Send it up a river or leave it at the check-in counter. 

I think we need to wait for the details to come out on this one. I think this sounds like a game of chicken. The parents probably thought that they could fly with a small infant on their lap for free. I feel like that is standard practice for kids under 2 years old. They don't necessarily need their own seat. Then, the airline insisted on the parents buying a seat and they called their bluff. No chance they ever thought the airline would just be like, "okay go ahead and leave your baby here. Enjoy your flight home in peace". They probably thought they'd board the flight and the airline staff would just bring them their baby. Big mistake. The airline then called the bluff. A bluff-off, if you will. They called police and security. No flight home and you still own this fucking baby that you probably made by accident.

So not really a Home Alone situation I guess since this wasn't an accident and it wasn't a precocious 8 year-old. It was a baby in a foreign country. You probably....should have that baby confiscated and then be thrown in jail. Haven't these people heard? We have a population collapse crisis going on. Earth needs that fucking baby to pay for our social security.