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It Appears New York City Has Finally Realized That The Empire State Building Is A Front-Running, Dickriding, Unloyal Piece Of Shit

I know that many loyal Barstool readers know I have been calling out Empy as a front-running piece of shit for three presidencies now.

However, there is a big difference between some overweight blogger throwing stones at you and the New York City tabloids getting in on the action. Once you piss those guys off, you are pretty much sentenced to a life of Frank The Tank level punny headlines any time you fuck up. I mean Empire Mistake Building is more ruthless than what the aliens did in my favorite scene of Independence Day.

Giphy Images.

Then once the media turns on you, the public is next. Granted, I don't know a single person under the age of 50 that still reads physical newspapers. But the Olds are an angry and loud bunch that probably spit out their morning coffee after seeing that traitorous picture roughly 12 hours after it was tweeted and called whatever poor soul that answers the Empire State Building's phone number at 6 AM while the younger generations of New Yorkers spent the entire night roasting that big phony online. No joke, there were legitimately people posting the LinkedIn of the ex-Barstool employee that now works for that big bitch Empy, demanding he get fired. I won't say his name in this blog because I fear for his safety.

Anyway, it's nice to see the rest of the city and country see that skyscraping fraud for who he really is. Hope the bump in clout was worth becoming the most hated dickhead in a city full of them after everyone saw your true colors (get it?).

Also shout out to a true New York institution for calling out Empy on his bullshit and kicking a local rival in the dick instead of trying to suck it. 

I'd go to war with one New York City sanitation worker over 100 Empire State Buildings any day of the week and not just because their trucks were also doing stuff like this back when the Giants were actually good enough to get parades thrown for them.