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Tyler Hansbrough Responds To John Wall, Says He's Lying And Went To Kentucky Because Of The Bank Of Calipari

I just wrote a blog on the podcast that John Wall went on where he said this so if you want John Wall's side of the story go take a look at the blog. If you are too lazy to click that here is the short version. John Wall went on a recruiting visit at UNC (his dream school) and went to say hello to Tyler Hansbrough. Tyler looked at him and said I don't talk to recruits and turned away. John Wall said fuck that noise I don't care if he's player of the year I'm not going here anymore. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and Tyler responded with this above. He didn't just deny it, he brought Coach Cal's bag into the mix as well. What an unbelievable response. Now I have no idea who to believe. 

Listen when you are a superstar athlete in college you probably are an asshole. You are basically God to everyone on that campus. I can't see him saying this, but why would John Wall make that up? This was also in 2008, 15 years ago and John Wall hasn't let this go. Tyler Hansbrough probably has never thought about it since that night and John Wall kept it to himself as motivation. You have to respect that. 

The best part about all of this is that everyone knows Cal cheated for his recruits and were paying them under the table all the time. Worst kept secret maybe of all time. Hilarious ricochet shot he got here. I think I am going to choose to believe John Wall because UNC is a bunch of scumbags and probably tell their players to act like that. I just think this would be a weird thing to lie about for John Wall and Tyler Hansbrough probably forgot. Roy Williams probably gave the bag to his players as well but this stuff would never fly at Duke. I have reached out to Tyler to come on the podcast and discuss to get his side of the story. I tried to reach out to John but he must have gave me the wrong number. 

P.S. The do the John Wall song is also one of the most underrated songs of all time.