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Uhhhh I Think Aaron Donald Just Quietly Announced His Retirement From The NFL

Welp, here I thought Mike McDaniel somehow keeping the Dolphins in a playoff game with the Bills at Buffalo despite half the JV team playing would be the craziest thing I'd see today. Instead the greatest defensive player of his generation may have just quiet retired from the NFL, which I suppose is the pro athlete version of quiet quitting.

I'm not one of those people that feeds into every single thing that's posted/not posted on social media unless it's Kyler Murray throwing passive aggressive online tantrums or a clue about a big free agent wanting to play with my Knicks before he refuses to even take a meeting with them. However, a verified account of a player actually listing said player as a former D-Lineman seems a little more concrete than someone taking pictures of their teammates off of their Instagram like some teenager that found out their significant other just cheated on them.

Let's send it to Los Angeles to see how Sean McVay is dealing with this news after he reportedly told people he is coming back to the Rams.

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Nobody would blame you one bit Sean, especially after the report Saying you have noooooo interest in a long rebuild.

I am going to spinzone this for McVay and Rams fans so I can get a karmic bump before the Giants kickoff. Based on the way that profile is worded and the time of year it is, I feel like this will all culminate in some Aaron Donald Super Bowl commercial where he stops playing defensive end to become a quarterback before kindly asking you to buy some sort of domestic beer, soda, or snack.

Or he actually just retired from the NFL because he's sick of putting his body through multiple car accidents every Sunday during the fall while we are all dialed in on what has already been a super wild Super Wild Card weekend (That name is so stupid, I had to phrase it like that).

UPDATE: He's back! I guess? I don't know what the hell is going on.