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'You Traded A Ferrari For A Twingo' - Shakira Dropped A Hilarious Diss Track About Her Ex, Gerard Pique

I can't stop laughing at this. Now it's all in Spanish, but luckily we have some translations. Just the back story here. Shakira was with former Barcelona star Gerard Pique forever. They recently split up as she caught him in an alleged affair. Since then he's gone public with a new girlfriend who is 23-year old Clara Chia Marti. Got all that? Okay, good.

Onto the diss track. 

It's hilarious. Why? Because she just airs out all the problems which sounds like normal people problems. For instance: 


You left me my mother in law as my neighbor

Nobody wants to live like Everybody Loves Raymond. You can't be living next door to in-laws. There's gotta be some sort of separation. Then when you do breakup you for sure hate it even more. Just walking out every day to get your newspaper and your mother-in-law peering out her window. No thank you. 

But then it gets into this: 

Media outlets at my door and in debt with the government
You thought you hurt me, but you made me stronger
Women don’t cry anymore, they cash in.

Shakira notably was in a tax fraud trial where prosecutors accused her of failing to pay nearly $14 million in taxes. She claims she did + interest. Now she's making it public saying it was Pique's fault. Love that move. If you're going for revenge in a diss track, just blame the other person for shit. 

Oh and she made sure to fire shots at Clara too: 

She has the name of a good person.
It’s clearly not what it sounds like
She has the name of a good person
She’s clearly the same as you
For guys like you
I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you

I’m worth two of 22 [year old]
You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo
You traded a Rolex for a Casio

Should have used Brick Watch instead of Rolex, but either way that's a good ass line. Smart to use her age to her advantage too. That's how you attack someone with your ex. Just keep saying you're better than them. Call them a Twingo, great name. 

Decent diss track. Hilarious all the way around. Also deserved. Say what you want I'll argue until my death that Shakira is elite. 

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