Shakira Allegedly Caught Her Long-Time Partner Gerard Piqué Having An Affair With Another Woman

Seemingly legitimate rumors are swirling that Barcelona's Gerard Piqué was caught cheating on his long-time partner Shakira and the two are now splitting up. The gist of the translated article from El Periodico journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas says that Piqué has been living alone in an apartment since he was caught cheating by the singer. He's been seen out at clubs with 22 year old teammate Riqui Puig for weeks now. 

I only have one reaction to this. How the fuck do you cheat on Shakira? Not only is she the mother of your two children, but she's fucking Shakira! Just a few months ago she went to bat for this guy, defending his play to the end of the world. 


Gerard won't let me say these things publicly. But only he with his heroism can play like this, overcoming any injury or pain and always giving his best. It's not because he's my husband, but he's the best center back in the world. I said!

How on God's green Earth can you possibly choose another woman over her? I know you don't go to jail for this sorta thing, but betraying Shakira should warrant that. 


I admittedly don't know a lot about soccer, but Piqué can kick rocks for this. One of the bigger mistakes these eyes have ever seen.