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Nightmare: Passengers On A Train Were Stuck 20+ Hours In Rural South Carolina, Started Calling Police Thinking They Were Being Held Hostage

[Source] - The train rolled into the station in Sanford, Florida, on Wednesday morning, ending the 37-hour trip. The 563 passengers and 333 vehicles onboard had been delayed by almost 20 hours.

The southbound Amtrak Auto Train was detoured off its normal route due to the derailment of a CSX freight Monday night and was stopped in Denmark, South Carolina, while waiting for a new crew to arrive, Amtrak said.

Nope. This is worst case scenario. Now, I'm not someone who rides a train a lot for the simple fact that Ohio doesn't have any. I wish we had high speed rail. I'd love to hop on the train and go to Detroit or Chicago or Nashville instead of driving. Would make life easier. But stuck for 29 hours on ...anything? Nope.

And to the point where you think you're being held hostage. You have to sit there and listen to someone tell you you're not being held hostage. I'd immediately go back to thinking I was a hostage. I don't blame these people for calling police. 

I just can't imagine being stuck 29 hours inside anywhere. I know people throw around the term stir crazy, but that would legit lead me to insanity. You can't sleep because there's no way you're comfortable. You can only watch so much stuff on your phone/computer. Hopefully the outlets are working or you're really fucked. Better bring a newspaper or deck of cards like it's the 1950 again. 

Think about how mad and irritated we get on a plane that's delayed to taxi or to a gate for like 30 minutes. People start huffing. Now make it 29 hours. Oh and dogs weren't allowed to go outside to go to the bathroom. That just seems wrong. Now you have a train that smells like literal dog shit. That's 100% worse than no more meals. I think I'd take the hunger over dog shit and piss smell everywhere. 

The older I get the more I hate driving but more I just want to drive. I can go where I want, when I want. A little traffic? I'll find another route. I can stop when I want to stop. I can go to the bathroom when and where I want to go. I can eat when I want. Sure just sitting there driving for like 8 hours sucks, but it's going back to the preferred method. No more getting stuck in hell for 29 hours.