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Dudes Rock: Scientists Are Working On Creating A Bionic Penis To Fix Broken Dicks Around The World

NBC. Getty Images.

[Source] - A bionic penis could help men who have lost erectile function. The synthetic schlong mimics a fibrous sheath of tissue that keeps blokes standing to attention. It could also be used to repair sex injuries, car and machine accidents, gunshot wounds or burns.

Game-changer is right. No more worrying about a broken dick. Not with scientists working on important issues like this, which leads to the obligatory: 

Giphy Images.

I do have a major question though. Do you get to pick the design? I feel like you need to be able to do that if you're going to have a bionic cock between the legs. Can't have some giant dick or small dick. Gotta find the sweet spot. Something that says hey, this might look weird because it's not real but also you're going to enjoy it. 

Gotta think this works as a pickup line. Every guy is out there trying to find an advantage. Hard to beat a bigger advantage than a bionic penis. It just sounds intriguing. Maybe it even gets to the first page of certain porn sites. Get the Game of Thrones incest shit out of here and scientists achieved a new goal. 

It's important to note it's not even just erectile dysfunction. Gun shot wound? Bionic dick. Burns? Bionic dick. Sex injuries? Well, you probably shouldn't have a bionic dick if you're out here with sex injuries. Maybe that's one that gets put last on the list. 

What a world man. Bionic penises out here to help us men. 2023 looking good.