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We Are Officially In The "Stalking Carlos Correa's Instagram To See If He Is Going To Officially Sign With The Mets" Stage Of Negotiations And A Massive Clue May Have Dropped Today

I know the Carlos Correa negotiations reportedly hitting a snag on Christmas Eve messed up the holidays for some Mets fans. But look at the bright side, guys. Now we get to play all the stupid games that crazy fans play with free agents they hope their team signs AFTER we woke up to Stevie Claus surprising us with Correa as an early gift in the middle of the night on some real life Saint Nick shit that had KFC and I ranting like idiots in our robes at 4 in the morning.

Obviously the big clue here is Carlos' adorable son rocking an I Love NY shirt delightfully remade with hot dogs and pretzels. You know a place in New York that sells hot dogs and pretzels? No, not a million different vendors on the sidewalk. I'm talking about Citi Field, the very place Correa hopes to play half his games for more than a decade.

And would you LOOK at the color of the Rawlings logo on Correa's glove? It's orange, which just so happens to be a Mets color! Pay no mind to it also being an Astros color, which was the team where Correa started and spent almost his entire career or the same color as the Giants team Carlos was going to sign with before all the medical mayhem started. 

So while all the other Mets fans in your life worry about a medical diagnosis we'll never actually hear because of HIPAA rules and insurance lingo worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars, I suggest you just sit back and enjoy all the nonsense the internet detectives dig up as if Correa to the Mets was never announced by treating every IG post like it's another part of a Passan tweet of Correa officially signing in Queens reappearing like that picture at the end of Back To The Future.

P.S. Hot pretzels are the most slept on food at a sports game. Not too expensive, almost always delicious (as long as they aren't too hard or still wet due to poor cooking), and you don't have to worry about making a mess unless you are dipping it in something.