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I Don’t Want, I NEED Whatever Drug TCU’s Social Media Team Was On When They Came Up With This Video. BONUS - Uncalled For, Classless Shots At Portnoy

I watched this last night but it was NYE and I was at a 10 hour long wedding in New Orleans, so shit got weird (not as weird as this video, but weird enough), so I didn’t know if I was hallucinating or not. 

Turns out this morning it’s still there and real as can be. Definitely still feels like a fever dream though. Or something straight out of the kind of Hunter S. Thompson. Which is why it’s so fucking awesome.

Who knew TCU got down like that?

Question is what exactly were the Texas Christian University brainchildren, responsible for making this, on when they came up with it?


I remember the Sopranos episode where Tony goes to Vegas and takes peyote. It seemed like the greatest and worst thing at the same time. Kind of terrifying if I’m being honest. I’m a pussy, I know. Not sure if this qualifies or not?


From everything I read a DMT release occurs when the body dies, and is responsible for “your life flashing before your eyes”. It is also supposedly the greatest feeling a human can feel. Like ten orgasms combined with the greatest high ever. So I’ve heard. Another substance I would love to try one day but think I’m too big of a bitch too. If anybody’s experienced it and can concur, let us know.

Frog/Toad Venom?

This is the trendy new thing after all. So many people have been finding and licking toads to get whacked out from the hallucinogenic venom they secrete, that the US National Parks Service had to issue a statement.

This doesn't sound appealing at all. But you never know with today's college kids. It's definitely a possibility.


Never done acid, but from all accounts, and everything I’ve heard and seen about some of civilizations greatest art, music, and ideas all deriving from the brain on acid, I’m gonna have to go with this one.

Giphy Images.


Either way, whatever the influence was, job well done to the creators.

And tough look for Dave catching shrapnel in this multiple times. Those parts were uncalled for, and just classless. Especially on this one. 

(At least they used a pic where his tan is poppin?)

P.s. - one thing I’ll always remember about that Sopranos episode ran the same exact night as the famous Entourage episode where Johnny Drama gets the call about his show killing it and yells victory out into the Grand Canyon. Just like Tony yelling “I get it”.

(Sad as it may be, this was one of the best tv moments I can remember growing up.)

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