I Framed Ben Mintz For A Robbery And Had Him Arrested

For the Season 1 finale of The Smokes Show, I hatched an elaborate revenge plot against Ben Mintz. A few months ago, I was considering bringing back the hit series Tommy's Thursday Thoughts. Everyone at the office agreed it should return except for one person.... Mintzy. And I wanted payback. So me and Rone planned an office robbery and then had Mintz framed for it through disguises, security cam footage, and a fake journalist. It all culminated in a police investigation and Mintz being walked out of the Barstool office in handcuffs. 

Please watch and enjoy. I am very proud of how it turned out and I hope you guys like it too. If you watch one video I've ever made, please make it this one. A ton of people worked hard on it to make it happen. But just to name a few: Rone, Kevin Zuppe, Spider, and Blake were instrumental in making this happen. You'll have to watch the credits to see the full list. (And I'm hearing rumors there's a post-credits scene too). 

Creating and working on The Smokes Show this year has been my favorite thing I've ever done at Barstool. If you haven't watched it, you can binge Season 1 HERE. The plan for 2023 is probably to take a few months to film and make a bunch of them so they can be bigger productions that are released on a more consistent schedule. Subscribe to the Barstool YouTube and also to mine so you don't miss them. 

Til then, enjoy Ben Mintz getting arrested!