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It's Insanely Stupid That Mike Leach Isn't Eligible For The College Football Hall Of Fame Because He Didn't Win 60% Of His Games ... He Won 59.6%

What are we doing here? Having this sort of rule is insanely stupid for so many reasons but Mike Leach might show exactly why. He completely changed the game. You can't tell the story of college football without mentioning Mike Leach and that's good enough to put him in the Hall of Fame. Mind you, look at the places he coached. He won 59.6% at Texas Tech, Washington State and Mississippi State. We're not talking about elite programs here. He went 158-107 in his career as a head coach. 

He was a pioneer of the Air Raid offense. He was a guy who changed how the sport was played from the offensive side of the ball. He was an elite offensive coordinator before turning into a head coach. Whether it was Valdosta State, Kentucky, Oklahoma or the head coaching spots, he left his mark. That's what belongs in the Hall of Fame, not some arbitrary number saying you have to win 60% of your games. Not because he was 3 wins short of hitting that number over his career. 3 games doesn't define a Hall of Famer. 

I need someone to use a shred of common sense here. We adapt and make exceptions for things all the time. When everyone agrees that someone is a Hall of Famer, we should probably just make them one. Let's use common math here and just round up. People round up for things all the time, this might be an elite reason to do so. 

RIP Pirate