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Joe Burrow Is So Intimidatingly Cool That The Manningcast Awkwardly Fumbled Through Their Interview With Him

If Joe Burrow doesn't have the best interview, I'm far more often than not going to put that on the interviewer rather than the interviewee. For such charismatic, hilarious former NFL quarterbacks like Peyton and Eli Manning, I'm still reeling from the generally weird nature of Joey B's appearance on their Monday Night Football show.

Thankfully the Manningcast curse doesn't seem like a thing anymore. Maybe Joe Brr gets partial blame here, but only because he's so dialed the fuck in and doing nothing but winning football games for the Bengals that he doesn't want to expend too much energy on this whole scenario.

But damn! The Mannings were gasping for air after Joe's responses! The fact that Omaha Productions chose the above two clips as alleged highlights of their interview is telling, is it not? However, I'd say the most uncomfortable moment came when Burrow reacted to the wisdom tooth surgery girl, which I recently blogged about:

FIRST OF ALL, they cut that clip wayyyyy short. There was so much more to it. I know you have only a limited amount of time, but I'd have focused less on the looks and more on the spot-on football analysis she gave. Yes, it was a breakdown fo the Titans-Bengals matchup and it's now dated ,but at least that'd give Joey Brrr something of substance to react to. Instead he just looks confused AF and sorta like, "Um, what am I supposed to do with this, guys?"

Don't get me wrong. It was still hilarious but in a cringey sort of way. Joe did talk some ball on the Manningcast and did a nice job when that was the premise of the questions. Unfortunately, the Mannings' attempts at humor are the only clips that are really making the rounds on social media at the minute. In particular, his breakdown of Ja'Marr Chase's value from Sunday's win over the Browns was notable. Chase had 10 receptions for 119 yards and a TD despite Cleveland's defense keying on him with Cincinnati missing Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and even tight end Hayden Hurst (h/t Fox 19):

"First off, [Chase is] really smart. We've had some injuries and some spots where guys have gone down. He's smart enough, you can move him around to play the slot, play the field, play the boundary. It makes it hard for defenses to really key on him and opens up opportunities for him to get the ball in a lot of different situations. He's so strong with the ball in his hands after the catch, so I just try to get him the ball in space and let him do what he does."

When it comes to football, Joe Shiesty is all business. By the way, of all the various Joe Burrow nicknames the Mannings brought up, they missed that one. That might be his coolest moniker. We even have some merch in the Barstool Store centered around it!

Since a 0-2 start, Burrow and the Bengals have rattled off nine wins in their last 11. So much for that whole steep regression narrative everyone was all over prior to the season. Also, tough times this past weekend for the "HE'S CARRIED BY HIS RECEIVERS" crowd, and the morons who believed Joe would never beat the Browns.

We're on to Tampa Bay and the Fighting Steven Cheahs.

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