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Just an all-time moment in RNR/world history. THE REAL DEAL dominated the RNR8 competition in AND outside the ring with zero remorse. Very well might have been the reason Dave Portnoy got poisoned sick for that PPV and I'm still not sure if the ring girls ever recovered. Hopefully Sarita will still come back someday…

Until then we have 20+ ring girls coming December 9th in Providence and hopefully ZERO fighters who are eating eggs after the weigh-in. Speaking of which, our RNR19 Whistlepig Weigh-In livestream will be at 7 pm ET on Thursday hosted by Large and covering the entire card. Will be leading off with PACMAN JONES vs LIGHTS OUT LAING.

Judging from all the trash talk on Instagram this week there should be NO lack of tension for the face-offs. CAN'T WAIT. 

Watch 20 fights, 5 main events, ring girl contest, whole commentary team back and more on with 48 hour replay