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Introducing And Handicapping The Rough N' Rowdy 19 Ring Girl Field

Rough N' Rowdy 19 comes to Providence THIS Friday night. We have 20 electric fights including a rematch between Pacman Jones and Lights Out Bobby Laing. Suzy Antonyan vs. Sarah Farrugia. And Grace O'Malley making her debut in the ring. We've also got dwarf fights, NO headgear, and of course..... the ring girl contest. The true highlight of the event. The ring girl competition has given us countless memories in years past and this one should be no exception. We have a ton of new blood in the field this year who we haven't seen before. The prizes are as follows...

1st: $3,000

2nd: $1,500

3rd: $500

4th: $500

5th: $500

Best Costume: $500

Best Dancer: $500

Online Vote Winner: $500

I'll get into the field below and see who some of the contenders are for those prizes. 

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Crystal Meth

Not the look you'd expect from a girl who had dubbed herself "Crystal Meth." I'd expect way more tattoos. But she defies those stereotypes and has actually gone on to become a pageant queen. She was recently awarded Miss Massachusetts Petite. Have to consider her a strong contender given the nickname, the looks, and the credentials. 

Antonia Jane

Hot. Hot. Hot. And she's got 109,000 Instagram followers to back it up. But the tattoos give her that ring girl flare as well. She has no ring girl experience which could hurt but based on looks alone, she should be a frontrunner. 


She was a ring girl at RnR 10 in Providence and she'll be returning this time as well. A Connecticut girl with a New York nickname. Her Instagram bio says "girl mom" so she could have some added motivation to bring that money home to her daughters. 


She lists her accomplishments as "Top ten percent on OnlyFanso/60k follower Chaturebate model." No totally suyre what a Chaturebate model is but using some deductive reasoning I'll assume it has something to do with chatting and masturbating. And she seems to love dressing up so perhaps she'll go for the "Best Costume" prize. 


She has ring girl experience from 2020 and is returning to the ring. She's a native Rhode Islander so may have the home crowd on her side. 

Jessi Lynne

She has Rough N' Rowdy experience, Harley Davidson experience, modeling experience, runway experience, she's an investor, she does real estate, and apparently is also a TV personality? Talk about the total package. Some are dubbing her the Jamie Foxx of ring girls. But that's not all. She also fought and won at RnR 18, and dabbles in the world of tickle fetish porn. A woman of many, many talents. 


I would just like it on the record that this is the nickname she entered for HERSELF. Another costumer who may be going for that prize. 


She says she has experience at Hooters. I would say that checks out. I like her.  

The Milf

If you're thinking to yourself, "Oh is that the milf that dressed as a human sex doll at RnR 18?" Well you would be correct. She's back. Have to wonder how she tops that. 

Tiny Texie

If you're familiar with Rough N' Rowdy, then you're familiar with Tiny Texie. A legendary ring girl. And this time, she's bringing some friends. 

Tiny Tina

A fellow member of the Tiny Family. Standing at 4 feet tall, she has some height on Tiny Texie. Dynamic duo. 

Mirror Man

Not a ring girl but apparently this is just some guy that Tiny Texie is bringing with her?


Another friend of Tiny Texie but she herself also has ring girl experience. She doesn't seem to be a fan of wearing traditional clothing. Respect. 


Another member of that crew. Quite a friend group. Will this competition tear them apart or bring them closer together?


She's taking the trip from Maryland for this contest. Dedication. 

Stephanie Rose

She has RnR experience. She's a New England native. She is very hot. A potential winning combination. 

Jade West

A former Miss Rhode Island Teen USA. Impressive. Have to see how that pageant experience transfers over to the ring. 

Lil Miss Eviscerate

There's a chance that "Lil Miss Eviscerate" is my favorite ring girl nickname in 19 competitions. Some background: She fought and lost at RNR18. She loves playing Dance Dance Revolution. 


Rhode Island native who was also a ring girl back in 2019. 

Kelly Weaver

We've seen a lot of inked ring girls through the years. But Kelly Weaver may take the cake for most tattoos in ring girl history. With 20,000 Instagram followers, she will definitely at least be a contender for the online vote. And I'm excited to see what she'll bring in person. 

And that's our field. Should make for a great competition as always.

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