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That NYPD Rookie Who Got Her Lieutenant in Trouble With the Best Christmas Party Lap Dance Ever Has Begun Her IG Modeling Career at Long Last

Has it been a year already since NYPD rookie officer Vera Mekuli grinded her way onto 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry and our hearts? 

Bless her. That was a dark time for most of our nation's law enforcement community. So it was vital that someone who wears the badge spread season's greetings throughout the land. It's a police officer's sworn duty to protect and serve the public, and that is exactly what she did on that fateful night. At a time when large portions of America were still taking those first baby steps into a post-lockdowns world, she gave us hope. She demonstrated that social distancing was truly a thing of the past. She showed us that joy of the holiday season was never going to go out of style. And that all future office holiday parties didn't have to be the Party Planning Committee's tedious Nutcracker Christmas, but could be the Committee to Plan Party's Margarita & Karaoke Christmas rager once more. The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is twerk on your boss's balls with your rear, and all that.

Of course the department didn't see it that way. Lt. McGarry was demoted down to the transit division as punishment duty. Because like I said then, at holiday time, for every George Bailey there's a Mr. Potter. For every Ralphie Parker there's a Scut Farkas. For every Billie Ray Valentine and Louis Winthorpe, there's pair of Dukes Brothers. For every Rudolph, there's a Santa. (I'm talking specifically of that Santa. He's a bloody nightmare of a boss. He cares about the people who do all the work for him like a Qatar construction foreman in charge of a soccer stadium project.) So it naturally follows that some higher-ups in the NYPD would emerge to be the killjoys. Despite the fact no one was harmed. This wasn't in the line of duty. These were consenting adults being collegial, bonding together in the type of team-building exercise that does miracles for workplace morale. Sad.

But that's in the past. What's in the future appears to be Officer Mekuli finally branching out into new a field of endeavor. Just before Christmas of last year we learned she used to do real estate. That people were encouraging her to get into OnlyFans. And now, it seems, she's dipping her no doubt exquisite toe into modeling on Instagram. She'd had a small presence on there before, but with just your average mirror selfies and casual poses of the occassional user. Only 14 posts in all:

But her 15th post just went up. And it's a such a departure, one can only assume this is the start of something big:

Whoa. This is something altogether different. Harley Quinn cosplay. Sports car. Professional photographer. Color me impressed. If it's not a life spent on the Thin Blue Line, let her keep the streets safe from boredom at least. Harley is iconic as hell. So why not start there? I generally like cosplay, though this one is a bit dark and sort of kink/fetishy for my liking. But that's a matter of personal tastes. If this is Vera's vision, by all means, let it fly. Here's hoping to a more lucrative career those Puritans in charge of New York's Finest were going to give her. And at least now she's free to grind inappropriately all over the lap of any married man she wishes. And that will make for the Merriest of Christmases for all. God bless us, everyone.