We Have a Positive ID on the NYPD Rookie Who Gave Her Lt. a Lapdance. And it's Fair to Say She's Worth Getting Demoted For.

It's hard to imagine a better story for December of 2021 than this one about the rookie member of New York's Finest giving her lieutenant a lap dance for the ages and him getting reassigned to the transit division as a consequence. 


It just so perfectly speaks to the culture of our times. It's a news item that is situated at the busy intersection of Workplace Policy Avenue, Holiday Party Culture Street, Law Enforcement Lane, and Sexual Politics Boulevard. 

Yet until now, the public hasn't been given the full story. We know that the officer getting grinded upon is Lt. Nick McGarry. And Mrs.McGarry has no use for the reporters and paps firing questions at her husband. But as far as the officer doing the grinding, her image has been digitized out. Her name has been redacted from all the news reports. All we've known for sure that she is a rookie on the force. And, based on what we've seen, IMHO, a model employee. But that has changed. 

Source - This is the 'highly motivated' rookie cop whose raunchy lap dances at a New York Police Department Christmas party have thrown the department into turmoil.

Glamorous Vera Mekuli, 26, gave at least two fellow officers a steamy time during the 44th precinct's party last week. …

Mekuli only joined the force in February. She earns $42,500 a year. Previously she has worked as a real estate agent in The Bronx. …

Mekuli describes herself as a 'highly motivated and determined individual,' on her LinkedIn page.

'I tend to go after what I want and I don't stop until I get it,' she added. 'If I am to fail. I pick myself up and try again! …

'I have tackled every task, every obstacle, that came before me. I like helping others and I always put others before myself.' …

Meanwhile, a second wild video exclusively obtained by shows the rookie NYPD cop grinding up against another coworker at the holiday party.

She twerked against the male coworker's backside wearing a checkered mini-skirt and knee-high boots with her hand in the air as he bent over while dancing.

It is unclear who the man is, but after the two danced, he got up, revealing his ugly Christmas sweater as he sipped on a drink.  

Highly motivated? Determined individual. Goes after what she wants? Picks herself up and tries again? Tackled every task and ever obstacle? Putting others before herself? Vera Mekuli will get no argument from me. All those positive traits are obvious from the video.


Somehow the fact that she was a realtor makes perfect sense. Real estate agent adult videos are all the rage now. I have zero doubts this high motivated and determined go-getter was wildly successful in her previous field. But she chose to walk away from all that freedom and income opportunities to join the NYPD and make 42 grand. That is the very definition of putting others before one's own self, and for that she's to be applauded, not condemned for having fun at her work holiday party. Which - and maybe this is just my OK Boomer side showing - is supposed to be the whole point of work holiday parties. 

So let's call off the dogs. Let Officer Mekuli go back to protecting and serving, which is what she signed up for. And let's cancel the witch hunt for Officer Ugly Sweater, for heaven's sake. These are the members of the thin blue line who run into harm's way to keep the public safe. They answer the call at any hour of the day or night, in all conditions. And they see humanity at our worst. Let them blow off a little steam in the most harmless - not to mention sexiest - way possible. Than you Vera Mekuli for your service, both on the streets of NYC as well as the laps of the NYPD. Merry Christmas and may you have a long, successful career.