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We Can't Let Christian Pulisic's Legend Be Ruined Just Because LeBron James Is The Biggest Liar In All Of Sports

I want to believe this because I love the USA National Team. But you know what? This is all I see in response to this: 

Or this

Or every other lie he's had. It's why I want to fight whoever started calling him the LeBron of Soccer at Rough n Rowdy. No. We don't do that shit. He's Christian Pulisic. We don't want LeBron's bad juju and disgusting breath on our Babyjesus. 

So if Pulisic said he was going to score a goal against Iran, we believe him. What I don't believe is this: 

The only way this is false is if he says he got a straight shot to the dick. We all saw the play. You put your nuts on the line for the country. That's worth celebrating. That puts you in Landon Donovan category in terms of goals to remember. 

So reminder:

Christian Pulisic - legend, Captain America, balls of steel, can predict the future 

LeBron - liar, bad breath, bandwagon fan