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Christian Pulisic Reminded The World He's A Damn Legend While Laying In A Hospital Bed

My hands are tied. If Christian Pulisic is in a hospital bed saying he's going to play on Saturday, he's going to play on Saturday. I also choose to believe this is real because it's everywhere. I like to think of my Christian Pulisic as a guy who would do this. 

That's what guys from central, Pennsylvania do. We get out of the hospital, go play soccer and beat Netherlands (please). We also need Pulisic. Not on corners, we're good without him there. But we need Pulisic. He's been awesome so far in the World Cup. The assist to Weah against Wales, the goal today, laying his dick on the line. 

Honestly he can have all our balls. He deserves them after scoring the game-winner today. He didn't give a shit about that collision. That's why I love this guy. He shows up and just goes all out every big time game. Teams try to target him and kick at him, foul him, whatever. He just keeps delivering for us. Seriously he can have my dick if he needs it. They keep saying abdominal pain, but it sounds like ball/dick pain. 

If you're not riding a high after that game, I don't want to know you. 5 points, 1 goal on a PK, this team is good. We've looked like the better team in basically all 3 matches too. Now get Pulisic healthy and ready for Saturday. He's cemented himself as a US soccer legend. 

PS: I fucking love this line from Weah