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This Perfect USA Hype Video Will Erase All The Bad Juju The Atlanta Falcons Tried To Put On Our Soccer Team

This is it. This is what I needed to see. It's beautiful. It's perfect. This is what we do. We're the United States and we should beat the shit out of you. That's even true when one of our own try to put all the bad juju on this country: 

Just sit this one out Falcons. We don't need you putting bad juju and your stank on our boys. We have enough to worry about. We have to worry about getting 3 points. Can't have the most cursed and loser franchise tweeting this out. Naturally they are getting destroyed for it. Good to see at least that brings all of us together. But now we have this. The perfect hype video to remind us that we're still the United States. 

Speaking of which, this is who we're rolling with today: 

No Aaronson or Gio. Sargent back in for Wright. CCV starting for Zimmerman. This is the 11. Yeah, I wanted to see Aaronson in the starting XI with the false 9 just so we got our best 11 out there. But he has to be used as a supersub now. No excuses not to. Same goes for Gio who simply hasn't played enough in the first two matches. The pro? 

There's the wish that everyone wanted. All European players. I said it before but it's simple. Win or it's a failure. You need as much pressure as possible. Iran knows they just need a tie, so they will park the bus. Just win baby. Beat the shit out of Iran.