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Adam Sandler's Speech At The Gotham Awards Last Night Proves Once Again Why The Sandman Is A National Treasure

The Sandman! This fucking guy, man! For each amazing thing he does as he continues getting older and older just solidifies how he has is one of the greatest living Americans and this acceptance speech last night at the Gotham Awards is one of the finest examples of that. I'll be honest with you- I have no fuckin' clue what the Gotham Awards are though I saw this speech all over Twitter last night and being the Sandman stan I am I simply had to watch it and the 7 minutes did not disappoint. The speech from the Sandman's "daughters" was wonderful as always with highlights about him getting severely angry if they laugh at a Ben Stiller movie and the hilarious digs at Schneider like 4:35. Just bravo. Master class of speech giving. 

And I gotta say- last month or so the Sandman's tour brought him to UBS Arena on Long Island which myself and a few pals wouldn't miss for the world and it could not have been MORE worth it. We went in basically blind not knowing if it's standup, a concert, or anything in between but my god was it amazing. Literally a top night of my life. The Sandman knows how to put on a show and that may or may not be because my mind is so feeble that I laugh out loud every time he calls himself the Sandman in the 3rd person. Moral of the story: If the Sandman tour is anywhere near you, GO. You will love it if you're a Sandler fan. Long live the King.