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It's Simple - Win Or Go Home. Advance Or It Was A Failure. Beat The Shit Out Of Iran.

We'll just get right to the point here. Beat the shit out of Iran. If you can't get up for a do-or-die US game in any sport against Iran, I don't want to know you. There's nothing like the feeling of a do-or-die game. Win or go home. Throw in the fact we have Iran trying to kick us out of the World Cup and bait our guys and you should want to win even more: 

The only way we advance to the knockout stage is beating Iran. It's what we signed up for when the group stage came out. Now, sure, we can argue about whether or not we should have qualified already. We can argue about how we should have beat Wales and England. But now it's simple. Win or go home. 

Iran is going to park the bus. They can play for a tie and 0-0 is just fine with them. Sound familiar? Because it's pretty similar to what we needed in 2010. It's when Landon Donovan delivered one of the greatest moments for US soccer: 


Here's what we need to do though - besides score goals. Play our best fucking players! Find a way to get Reyna and Aaronson in there more. We can't rely on Sargent or Wright. We just can't. It's gotta be our best 12 players with either Reyna or Aaronson as a supersub. 

Not advancing out of this group would be a failure. Say what you want about the USMNT, we get out of group stage. We set ourselves up to get out of group stage. We've played too well through two matches to not advance. It would also mean Gregg should be fired the moment he gets back onto US soil. 

Beat Iran.