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The US Deserves Better, But Now It's Simple - Beat The Shit Out Of Iran

Simply put the US deserves better. You can't control a game like that, look as good as England and tie. Not when you have all these chances. Pulisic hits the post. There's no one really there to finish crosses. But here's the thing. It's actually simple.

Beat the fuck out of Iran and advance. 

That's it. The first goal of the World Cup is to get out of group stage. You get out of group stage by doing just that. A win over Iran moves us to the round of 16. That simple 

But again, the US deserves better. You can't blow that game to Wales in the 82nd minute and then follow it up with a draw. Part of it is on Gregg. He has to know that a loss is fairly irrelevant in this match. Bring in Gio earlier. Bring in the offensive subs earlier. You have to mix it up and go all in for a win. Again, a loss didn't mean shit because of the Iran/Wales result. A tie/loss meant you have to beat Iran regardless. So go all out and steal 3 points against England so a tie gets you ahead of Iran. 

That's where Gregg made the mistake. You can't wait that long to bring on Aaronson, Reyna and Sargent. Those are subs that need to happen in the 65th minute, not 81st. 

But again, the chances were there. Weston has to finish this. This is Wondolowski-esque: 

The guys played their assess off, don't get me wrong. They showed up for the match. They looked the part that we expected them too. But they deserve better than 2 points through 2 matches. But this is what we signed up for. Beat Iran and we move on. 

PS: It's called soccer. We own England in the World Cup.