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The Nets With Durant, Irving, & Simmons Couldn't Beat The Sixers WITHOUT Embiid, Harden, & Maxey - HA!

LOL. LOL to the MAX. If there were any actual, real Nets fans that exist, we would love to laugh and scoff in their direction. The Philadelphia, sans their three best players, 76ers went into last night's game as a 7+ point underdog and came away with a 9 point victory. 

How? Because the likes of Tobias Harris (thru an in-game ankle injury), Melton, Shake, Niang, 4th quarter Furkan, and Big Ball Paul played like absolute DOGS. 

24 for Tobi. 22 for Melton. Gorgeous Georges 4-5 from downtown. Big Ball Paul with a 19 and 10 performance to the tune of +21 on the court. And arguably most impressive, Kevin Durant had scored at least 25 games in every game played this year. He ended last night with 20. Shit, even senior citizen PJ Tucker clocked in for a stellar 37 minutes. A laughably impossible 0 points, somehow, but a hard fought +12 nonetheless. Good on the Sixers for the win. Possibly more importantly, good on them for beating Ben Simmons in his actual return to Philadelphia. 

Thanks for the nuggets, Friendo! 

For as injury-riddled and frustrating this team has been on the court to start the season, it's nice to win the one of the few that actually matter.

Now do me a favor and CUE IT! 

PS - Chuck gonna Chuck and Chuck is the best.