Ronaldo And Man U 'Mutually Agree' For Him To Leave ... After He Cried, Complained And Became The Most Insufferable Player In The World

And there it is. Ronaldo loves to talk about himself, how he gets likes on Twitter for news, Instagram followers, etc. This might set the record because it's truly two of the worst. The Glazers and Ronaldo. The Glazers are arguably the worst owners in all of sports. Ronaldo is the most insufferable athlete in the world. He basically got what he wanted because he did an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan and cried his way to being released. 

Remember he decided to go back to Man U. He wasn't traded like a future draft pick. At the same time, I wanted Man U to piss him off even more after he straight up said he doesn't respect Erik ten Hag - the current manager of the club. The guy acted like a crybaby to try and use his name to force himself out of Manchester United. Gross. It's why him and the Glazers truly are meant for each other. 

The worst part of this all? The fact all his lunatic fans are going to go around celebrating like he just won them the Champions League. We'll hear how he was vindicated. How he was done right. All I see is a smug crybaby. A guy who wants to be bigger than any club he's part of and do anything to get his way. Pulisic isn't the LeBron of soccer, Ronaldo is.

Remember, Ronaldo spent part of the interview talking about how much he enjoyed Arsenal. Oh the Arsenal who just so happens to be leading the Premier League right now? Be more of a front-running jackass. I hope he signs with Southampton.