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Giannis Says That An International Starting 5 Would Destroy The USA's Starting 5 And He Is Absolutely Right

First off, here are the teams Giannis laid out: 

International - 1. Embiid 2. Jokic 3. Giannis (Yes he called himself in the 3rd person) 4. Evan Fournier 5. Luka Doncic 

USA - 1. Steph Curry 2. Klay Thompson 3. LeBron 4. KD 5. Bam Adebeyo 

First I need to commend this Serge Ibaka cooking show because it really isn't bad at all and it seems like he gets these players to say a lot of viral shit. He is a very calming guy, so good for Serge and his show. 

I think I have to agree with Giannis here. I think the International team is so big, they would dominate the USA team. Both teams are obviously super talented, even though Evan Fournier sticks out like a sore thumb. But the International Team has so many big bastards that can handle the ball, it feels unfair. It's also crazy that Giannis went from figuring out dipping Oreos into milk is God's best creation to throwing ladders off the court so he can practice free throws after a game and saying an international team would beat the shit out of the USA. 

Meanwhile, the USA team has too many egos and LeBron would somehow make that team about himself, which means the International team would run away with it once LeBron's teammates become sick of him. This is what the NBA All-Star game should be because this would be must watch TV and much better than the Rising Stars Game that has done this. I love it I feel like basketball was always the bread and butter for USA but were falling behind in everything. We suck in soccer, baseball we stand no chance and I don't even know if were good at swimming anymore.  

Anyway, basketball really should do more one off shit like this. The NBA has the most boring regular season of all time since 20 teams technically make the playoffs, which is fucking absurd. That's why I think nobody cares about the regular season because a 10 seed has the chance to make it into the playoffs. Maybe after the season though do this type of game and you will get way more viewers than anything they did during the season.