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Waiting 8 Years To Watch The US Tie Because Of Two Dumbass Decisions Should Make Everyone Sick

There are two truths to this result. It's devastating yet it's still a point. I'm trying to look long term here about how important a point is, but fuck that. We choked away two points. Sure it took a clueless ref who lost control of the match, but that ended up not costing us. A dumbass penalty by Walker Zimmerman and some clueless decision making by Gregg ultimately cost us here. 

1. The penalty: 

I have no idea what the fuck Walker Zimmerman was doing here. It's a JV-level mistake by a guy who was playing fine up until this point. Bale has his back turned to the goal. Why are you sliding in? All you have to do is wall up, try to poke the ball away. It made no sense why Zimmerman is coming in like this and ultimately cost the US two points. It wasn't a bad call, it was a bad play. Trust me, I wish I could blame the clueless ref. Zimmerman needs to be smarter here. He's played too many games in World Cup Qualifying and everything else to come in like this. 

2. Gregg

What the hell dude? Everyone knew you couldn't just sit back and go back to the counterattack up 1-0 for the entire second half. It was clear they went way too conservative based on what we looked like in the first half. Everything was smooth in the first half. We had guys making runs, we were pressing. You can't sit back for 45 minutes and expect to walk away with a 1-0 win. Not to mention goal differential is likely going to come into play here. 

Also I need an answer on why Gio didn't play. Reyna is a stud and there were no reports that I've seen yet of him being banged up or anything like that. Instead we ended with Jordan Morris. Simply put, play our better players. Seems simple enough for me. 

There was good. I don't want to be completely negative. Tyler Adams is a star: 

Gregg hit right with Tim Ream. He was the correct decision at the other centerback spot and it paid off. 

Weah, Musah, McKennie, Pulisic all look their parts too. If anything he left McKennie in for too long since he's coming back from injury but they did their jobs. Pulisic got the assist and was all over the place on runs. We have to deal with guys on yellow cards because the ref is clueless and soccer has the dumbest rule with two yellow card accumulation. Dest and McKennie need to be smart against England. 

Turner is our No. 1. Hell of a save: 

Yes, it's a point. But now the scheduling gods sort of fucked us. Wales getting Iran 2nd is a huge, huge advantage. If England beats us, Wales is going to get England's backups for the 3rd match. We need at least a tie against England. At the minimum we should be cheering for a tie in Iran/Wales. But now we're stuck doing the math game and trying to figure out if 4 points will be enough to get out of the group because of two dumbass decisions. 

8 years for a … tie. Fucking awful.