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Hot Start - Thousands Of Fans Are Stuck Outside Of The England/Iran Match Because The FIFA Ticketing App Crashed

Incredible. Not the fact that it broke down but because everyone in the world basically predicted there'd be something like this to happen. It also just goes to show you that forcing everyone to have an app never works. What's the point? Have you ever been behind an old person trying to figure out something on their phone? It's brutal. They have no idea where it is, they have no idea how to scan. Now multiply that by a zillion and you have this. Just let people print out tickets or have the app. Just scan a ticket. It's really not that hard. 

I can't stop laughing that their 3rd option to fix this is wait for something to be printed out. Of course it is! That's option number 1! We all know every phone is basically hacked at this point. That's for sure the truth in Qatar where there was a report that they'd be able to take over your phone

It's cliche to call this place Fyre Fest of the World Cup, but it's true. Can't get into events. You have this sort of place to stay: 

Dumbest World Cup ever. I basically assume every day we're going to wake up with something going wrong over there.