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Completely Normal World Cup - Qatar Is Requiring Visitors To Download Data-Tracking Apps Where They Can Override A User's Phone Software

[Source] - Qatar’s government is requiring all foreign visitors to download a pair of apps that provide officials with rights to access data on their phones — which could be considered spyware.  

“It’s not my job to give travel advice, but personally, I would never bring my mobile phone on a visit to Qatar,” said NRK head of security Øyvind Vasaasen.

  • Qatar is requiring visitors to download Ehteraz and Hayya.
  • Ehteraz is a COVID-19 tracking app that can manipulate content on a user’s phone.
  • It can also override installed software and disable a phone’s lock screen.
  • Hayya, which tracks matches, has permission to share information on a user’s phon 

Ah, yes, the very normal World Cup rolls on. At this point I don't know why you'd go to fucking Qatar. The batshit crazy rules that can put you in prison for having sex, being loud, drinking, taking pictures, etc. The slavery deaths to build the stadium. The fact it's the most corrupt World Cup in a long, long time, which is really saying something. Now you have this. Having to download data-tracking apps where the government can override your phone? Sure. Why not. 

I know we all have apps on our phone that Russia/China are for sure taking advantage of. 


I mean this is the World Cup. It's the biggest stage in the world when it comes to sports - even bigger than the Super Bowl when we're talking worldwide. The fact it's going to Qatar just shows how corrupt FIFA is. I know everything going on with Sepp Blatter but the moment Qatar was announced as the winner, it was a dead giveaway. You even have a quote from a Norwegian talking about how dumb you'd be to bring a phone to Qatar. Imagine life without a cell phone? In 2022? Goodness me, no. 

Oh and the ability to manipulate content on a phone? I'm sure that's all normal and nothing fishy going on. I'd love to do that though. Oh you thought Kentucky lost to St. Peter's? Not on my app. Not in my world. I'd use that shit to fix everything about sports. The Knicks actually won the Draft lottery since 1985. That rat fuck Jeffrey Maier got called for interference. Basically all my sports misery would be changed. That would be nice to have. 

Anywho, have fun in Qatar!