Montrezl Harrell, Who Averages 4 Points Per Game, Stuck Around After Last Night's Bucks Game To Talk Shit To Giannis

Giannis really must have been pissed off last night. His team lost an Eastern Conference showdown, he was yelling at the Sixers ladder guy, and even had Montrezl Harrell talking shit to him way after the game. There's a chance Harrell was sticking up for the ladder guy, but every team needs a guy who barely plays to talk shit. I think that is an actual role in itself on a team. Embiid can't be staying after the game and risk getting suspended or looking like he cares after just beating a team. 

I have pitched being a fall guy to a lot of college coaches. If you need to to chew out a ref or really go to talk shit to another person, I can do it for you. There is no reason for you to get thrown out. Instead let the fall guy handle all the dirty business. There are two things that every team needs but not every team has:

1. A fall guy 


2. A Common Sense Department

Tommy Smokes and I talk about this all the time. You need to have three people in your Common Sense Department. Two of them can be involved with the team, know the sports, etc. But you need someone that is not involved in the team or even like the sport at all so they see if your decisions make sense to someone on the outside without any clue of what's going on.

The Saints are an example of a team that needs this department right now. The Common Sense Department should walk in and be like "Andy Dalton is a nice guy but you know what you are getting from him. If you put Jameis Winston in, more people will want to watch our games since you have no idea what is going to happen. But you know it will be way better than what Andy Dalton is doing". Jeff Saturday did that will Ellingher. He realized so fast how bad he was and he just went to the better quarterback in Matt Ryan. 

Anyway, back to the video, I have no problem Harrell being the fall guy for his team and I think even the Common Sense Department would be fine if he's pissing of Giannis instead of someone he'll constantly see on the court during the next Bucks-Sixers game.