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Guys Being Dudes: Argentina Brought Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Meat To Qatar So The Team Can Cook Out Together

[Source] - Argentina's World Cup squad have been outed as the competition’s largest carnivores after it emerged they plan to get through nearly 6,000 pounds of meat in Qatar.

It was reported on Thursday (November 19) Lionel Messi and his teammates were staying at “student digs” so they could enjoy traditional beef barbecues, although their University of Qatar accommodation is understood to have been refurbished to equate it to hotel-style five-star surroundings.

p:nth-of-type(2)","sizes":[[8,8]],"hideOnSensitiveArticle":true,"relativePos":"after","additionalClass":"in-article","name":"div-gpt-ad-vip-slot","type":"VIP","bidders":{"ozone":"1420432301"}}" data-google-query-id="CPvwjamZuPsCFYMfwQodgc8FwA" data-gpt-placeholder data-rendered-height="8" data-rendered-width="8" data-requested="14593.100000023842" data-response-end="19718.100000023842" data-response-start="1685.7999999523163" data-timer-slot-rendered="19733.100000023842" data-type="gpt">Most adult guests eat no more than half a pound of meat at a BBQ. The meat feast is said to include more than 800 pounds of a type of flank steak called vacio and almost 300 pounds of a popular thick beef rib called tira de asado.

I'm shocked this isn't illegal. I mean we are talking about Qatar. But, this is just genius. 6,000 pounds of meat is such an outrageous number I have no choice but to respect it. I also love that Argentina decided to stay in dorms (granted, they were renovated) just so they can have team cook outs. It has me completely thinking I have to take them to win the whole thing. Messi's last World Cup ride, meat, broing out in dorms. That's the recipe for success. 

I know Jordie is the meat guy here, but I'm an old. This might be the oldest thing I've said. Very few things more enjoyable than throwing on like 150 wings on the smoker, beer in hand, waiting for football to start as the pals come over. I'm a big time fan of that sort of stuff. That's why I respect Argentina here. They could have hired a chef or just gone out eating or whatever. Nope. They are bringing their own meat, a move that is smart. 

Not to mention Argentinian food is outrageously good. I went to an Argentina steakhouse/restaurant in Cincinnati and while that sounds like the weirdest combo ever it was delicious. The country knows how to get flavorful meat. 

This is how you create good vibes though. Everyone who lived in a dorm knows what that sort of life is like. You just wander around the floor, play some Madden with the guys. Go hit up the student dining before you venture out. Argentina is basically living that life as a favorite to win the World Cup.