Ticketmaster Has Fucked Up Their One Job Of Selling Tickets So Badly That The Public Release Of Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Is Cancelled

There we have it! Cancelled. If you didn't get tickets in the past few days at the regular price, with vague pre-sale codes and seven hour waiting rooms that kick you out once you get to the end, according to Ticketmaster, they are gone. I don't know how many times I can say "fuck Ticketmaster" but at this point, I'm exhausted. Burn the whole place to the fucking ground and let's move on already.

Also, at this point, are we ever going to hear from Taylor? Kind of wild she hasn't even sent out some kind of cryptic tweet about how pissed off she is about all of this. I'm sure she's under some kind of contract but like...has any company ever fucked up something this bad before? SURELY she's allowed to excoriate at will after such a COLOSSAL botch job. 

That Fuck Face Greg Maffei on CNBC this morning said that 14 million people tried to buy tickets, they sold 2 million, and that's that. Could've "filled 900 stadiums." Idk man. It seems really fucking unfair and I don't know what the solution is, but Ticketmaster's ONE JOB WAS TO SELL TICKETS TO FANS and they fucked this up beyond belief. I truly, truly wish death upon every single person who is taking advantage of this situation for personal gain.