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Chairman of Ticketmaster Greg Maffei Just Signed His Own Death Wish By Blaming Taylor Swift For The Ticket Mishaps Because She "Hasn't Performed In So Long, So The Demand Was Too High"

This better be a fucking joke. This better be a tongue in cheek, "It's all her fault, the people want her so bad!" with undertones of "actually, it's because our infrastructure is so flawed and we're doing absolutely nothing to fix it, also we're the lowest form of scum and we enjoy our sadistic lives of manipulating the marketing and ruining the hopes and dreams of anyone looking to have an experience they've looked forward to their whole lives because we're money hungry repugnant garbage that even the rats of New York City would avoid."

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Seriously, Greg Maffei has no idea what he's done with this statement. Not only will the Swifties crucify him, we've been looking for a name to blame that isn't just "Ticketmaster," but once Taylor hears this? Does this man have any idea what this woman does for a living? She ruins men who have wronged her. Legitimately ruins their lives. DRAW A CAT EYE SHARP ENOUGH TO KILL A MAN. Hello???? Get your head out of your fucking ASS Greg, and buckle up. You're in for the worst ride of your life.