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Nobody Is Arguing A Call When This Behemoth Of An Umpire Is On The Crew

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

There's shockingly little information about Sun Belt baseball umpires available online, but multiple people on Twitter have identified this towering ump from last weekend's scrimmage between LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette as Brandon Castille.

I'm sure both of those people are correct and that Brandon is an awesome guy, but he's also an enforcer. He's looking down at LSU coach Jay Johnson before the game to send a message and set the tone. There will be no tomfoolery with the umpiring crew as long as Castille is manning one of the bases.

And I'm sure he's a great umpire, too, but it has to be a pitcher's nightmare seeing that guy behind the plate. How do you get a low strike call when you have Yao Ming in a mask back there? I'm honestly impressed Castille can do that job at all.

I want to tune in for a couple Sun Belt baseball games next season to see this man in action. I dare any coach in America to go out there and argue a call.