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Munich's Allianz Stadium Was Selling Big Boy Pitchers Of Beer At Today's Bucs Seahawks Game And I Think It's Time We Give Them An NFL Team

I'll be honest. I've thought this whole foray into Europe to expand the NFL brand and make the league's billionaire owners, trillionaires, eventually, was nothing but a forced, money grab.

But I'm willing to admit I was wrong.

Between the showings at the London games the past few years (proving it's not just a novelty), and today's hugely successful inaugural game in Munich, Germany, I'm all in. 

Three million ticket requests for a stadium that holds 67,000 is outrageous. That's serious interest.

Reags blogged it earlier, but the entire stadium belting out John Denver in unison was goosebumps city - 

And if that all wasn't enough, Allianz stadium did the most German thing ever and sold pitchers of beer at the concession stands.

Can you imagine if we did this at American stadiums?

I know people's initial thought is "holy shit people wouldn't be able to see straight", but I disagree. People that get after it at NFL games already can't see straight and have no problem putting down 10-12 beers in a game. The problem is having to get up and go back and forth to the concession stand, wait in line for 15 minutes, and miss so much of the action. Or ordering down your aisle from the vendor and passing beers and money back and forth a dozen times. You go big with one of these big boys and that solves the entire issue. Win-win for everybody.

The only thing that could have made this better was if they were selling beers in das boots.

The fans were also treated to a thriller that saw the Bucs hang on in the end to stave off a Seattle comeback, 21-16.

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