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American Sports Fans Need To Take A Lesson From Today's Germany Game And Start Belting Out Songs Way More Often

This was AWESOME. Say what you want about Country Roads, but you can't top this. This is where European fans (mostly soccer fans) kick our ass. Like Feits says - we're good at spelling: 

Everything is just spelling out team names. Sounds good once, but it gets old as shit. You know what doesn't get old? Getting a little buzz and singing with thousands of your pals. I had no idea that Munich would go this crazy for Country Roads but it's apparently a big Oktoberfest song: 

That sounds so much better than 'J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS' which is basically every single team in the country. Doesn't even matter the sport. We can get creative too. No more Sweet Caroline bullshit. Every team should designate a sweet song, fans should have to learn word for word and go crazy. Dolphins losing? Play some Hootie and everyone belt out the Dolphins make me cry part. College has some sweet traditions - obviously WVU with this, Jump Around. But that's once and it's more the jumping than anything else. 

Hell, WVU should learn from this. Munich fans started going crazy right at the 2 minute mark with Country Roads. Do it for WVU sports. Under-8 TV timeout for college hoops? Come back with this song. First defensive possession in the 4th quarter in football? Belt out Country Roads. I promise it will sound awesome. 

Stop the spelling. Start singing. Spelling is for school, not sports.