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Good News: Putin's Nuclear Torpedo That Causes Tsunamis All Over The World Failed. Bad News: A Tsunami Sub Exists

Russia has tried and failed to test its pioneering 'doomsday' torpedo, American intelligence sources believe, in a possible sign that the sanctions against Moscow are beginning to bite.

The fearsome nuclear-powered torpedo, named Poseidon, is launched from the Belgorod - the world's largest submarine, which only went into service this summer.

Belgorod was unveiled with great fanfare in 2019, and the Poseidon torpedo - first announced in 2015 - seen as the crown jewels of the submarine. 

Russia boasted at the time that Poseidon would be capable of destroying entire cities by triggering a tsunami.

But on Thursday, U.S. sources told CNN they had observed the Belgorod preparing for a test - then leaving the testing area in the Arctic Sea, and returning to port without carrying out the trial.

The Poseidon sub Tsunami bomb...failed

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One of those headlines that makes you go "phew, good…wait, what?"

I think you can make an argument that the thing humans have done best and the thing that has pushed humanity forward is that we never stop thinking of new ways to kill each other. Chimps have been running around Africa killing each other with their bare hands for 600,000 years. We came down from the trees, sharpened some sticks, threw some rocks, and that led to the bronze age where we figured out how to chop each other's heads off with metal. Then we invented projectiles. All the way up to today where we some lunatics in Russia sitting around dreaming of a submarine equipped with a nuclear torpedo that can cause a massive tsunami anywhere it goes. Every coast city is turned into 2004 Indonesia with the push of a button. Pretty scary shit. 

How do people even think up this stuff? Like, I am picturing a bunch of grown up versions of Sid from Toy Story. Well, the Sids from Toy Story who had an IQ of 140. The ones below that are just in jail for assault and battery. The smart ones though…they're probably just sitting around in an alternate universe creative lounge with heavy metal music, Saw playing on TVs, and dreaming up new ways to inflict mass casualties. You either go to work for Raytheon or DARPA. I didn't know what DARPA was until Chaps mentioned it on the snake draft Monday. It's an entire organization of Sids. The R&D arm of the DoD. Innovators. Dreamers. Angels of death. 

On Tuesday's ep we got deeper into all their projects which includes, but isn't limited to plant eating robots, lab grown blood, cyborg spy insects, and brain implants. They also were part of HAARP which, in theory, can manipulate weather and the upper atmosphere. No biggie. Full episode here

And if you want to know more about the Poseidon Nuke Tsunami here is a good video on it, but you have to click on the Dogwalk video first. Honor system.