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Jevon Carter's Highlight Wasn't Scoring A Career High, It Was Delivering The Cockiest Answer In His Postgame Interview

What a perfect answer. You think Jevon Carter isn't going to deliver something perfect? Remember, this is the guy who wore his own personalized DPOY hat when he was in college: 

Now I don't blame the guy. If I was national DPOY I'd wear that shit every day in college. I'd have a whole wardrobe made out of DPOY stuff. Easiest way to let people know who you are, in case they don't recognize you. It's the best thing to do when you're on a college campus, especially pre-NIL. Wear your own shit, have people stop and go whoa, that guy must be good. Bam. 

What else is Carter supposed to say here? Oh I got hot and around the 7 minute mark of the 2nd quarter I knew I was onto something? No. You give this answer. Go viral and have everyone talking about Jevon Carter scoring 36 longer than they should. It's called marketing and promotion. 

I know Carter has had a fine NBA career, but he's one of those college basketball legends. You hear his name and you picture him in a West Virginia jersey first. Those are my kind of guys. Guys that were All-Americans, Conference POY, had a run in the pros but are college legends. An Acie Law, a DeJuan Blair, guys along those lines. 

Just let Jevon Carter do every postgame interview for the Bucks. He's going to deliver.