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Anyone Complaining About The Warm Weather In NYC Is An Ungrateful Idiot

I've seen too many tweets today from New Yorkers complaining that it's too warm in the city. "I'm ready for fall weather." "I want to wear a hoodie." "It shouldn't feel like the summer in November." Blah blah blah. Captain Cons just wrote a blog about it. Well, I have a suggestion for all you guys. How about you shut the fuck up? Talk about ungrateful. It's November 7th and it's 74 degrees in New York City. I walked out of my apartment with a t-shirt on. The sun is shining. It's not humid or muggy. It's like the textbook definition of perfect weather. It's paradise. This is probably how people in San Diego feel all the time. And guess what? A month from now it's going to be like 9 degrees out and all these people are gonna be longing for 73 and sunny. We just moved the clocks back so we're basically down to what feels like 4 hours of sunlight a day, and you want bitter cold to go along with that? Insanity. Soak up every last second of warmth that we have before you all start complaining that you're seasonally depressed in January. 

PS: This is why I've long said that I'm pro-global warming. I love the warm weather. 70 in November. 70 in February. Feed it to me. If a few sea turtles and my great, great, great, great, great grand kids have to die as a result of it, then so be it.