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It's Hot In November And I Am Annoyed

I was out this morning finishing up my daily walk and I was sweating bullets. (Lot of studies out there suggest getting sunlight first thing in the morning is great for your mental and physical health. You're welcome) We are too far along in the calendar year to be rocking with 76 degree days. It's wrong. It's unconstitutional. It's just plain mean. 

Some of you out there are all excited about this. On tomorrow's Zero Blog Thirty (please for the love of God click the link and hit subscribe. We have families and the economy is in the toilet) Kate gushes about wanting to play hooky to go to the beach. 

If you want warm weather year round, move somewhere that has weather year round. Lots of us like the cooler temperatures for basically three reasons:


Vests. Sweatshirts. Layers. All staples of the fall. Look around Barstool - we are a company packed to the gills with people who love layers to hide how disgusting our bodies look. No, I'm not naming names, we know who we are. But we cannot be layered in the latest fall-friendly looks from KFC Radio or the upcoming Barstool Ugly Christmas sweaters if it's 70+ degrees outside. Fall wardrobes are sitting idle today just begging to come out. 


For those of us who actually do a commute, there is no worse feeling than showing up to the office feeling/looking like a sweaty mess. If you're trekking into Manhattan from the outer boroughs when it is 70 degrees outside it is inevitable that you're going to sweat. Clearly this isn't an issue if you bail on coming into your office. I digress. PLUS, most buildings turned their AC off for the year so there is no reprieve when you arrive anyway. 


I can't explain this one but food tastes better when it is cold out. That isn't opinion, it's scientific fact. 

I can't deal with these temperatures. Fix it Elon and fix it now.