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YOU LIKE THAT? An Iced Out Kirk Cousins Is Having The Time Of His Life On The Flight Back To Minnesota After Taking Down The Commanders

So I saw this video and thought how that was a nice moment for Kirk Daniel Cousins. It was maybe a little weird since the only reason Cousins has made a bazillion dollars as an above average quarterback is because Washington completely half measured themselves into their QB1 becoming a free agent that could cash in with the Vikings while the Washingon Whatever Their Names Were Back Then had a hole at the most important position in sports that STILL hasn't been filled. Nonetheless, I loved seeing Kirk do the thing again since I imagine having a dickhead like Daniel Snyder as his boss probably sucked and it always feels good to get one over on schmucks like that.

However, there was no way I could be ready for what I was going to see next when opening Elon Musk's Twitter.

I know Kirk was wearing a chain after the Vikings last win. But how does a man of the Lord like Kirk Cousins have moves like THAT, from 30,000 feet in the air no less, when this is how he cooks his steaks?

This is the biggest shocker since Ryan Fitzpatrick went from the backup nerdy quarterback from Harvard that occasionally made games fun to this legend.

Even then, at least we had a hint of Ryan Fitzpatrick being cool thanks to a sweet nickname like Fitzmagic and equally sweet beard. But Kirk Cousins boogeying is the aisles of a plane with his teammates while wearing more ice than the polar caps have is something I didn't expect to see in 2022, or ever to be honest.

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