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Amazing series from the Astros that categorically proves just how dominant they were in 2022. They did it throughout the regular season, running through the division with staggering depth and homegrown superstardom. They showed up in the postseason battling back throughout the ALDS, then only picked up more steam. Comebacks and blowouts and marathon games and controversy and doing it while being the most hated team I can actually remember. Like sure it was fun to cheer against the Dynasty Yankees and obviously I personally detest the St. Louis Cardinals. But think of a time people truly bonded against a perennial power the way the country has against the 2022 Astros in favor of the Phillies. And despite all of it, nothing seems to slow this team down. 

There's so much positive to say about the Phillies run and the overarching magic of momentum in this game. But right now the focus should be entirely on the Astros dominance. As hard as that may be for many. We're not doing silver linings until we pay our respects. 

On that front, this is a complete and total team. Veterans on big contracts. You got the young guys making names for themselves. There's this ridiculous core of established All Stars in the square of their prime. A pitching staff exclusively made of filthy righties and objectively the most deserving manager to win a title. 

They've won postseason games under every circumstance imaginable in some of the most dramatic environments known to postseason pro sports. By all measurements, the Astros have been presented with, and seamlessly conquered, every known hurdle in becoming World Champions. And they did it through sheer force that almost never seemed to be in question. 

Go back a couple days. The Phillies are making history with the long ball. The Astros are getting humiliated. Justin Verlander has a 6.07 ERA and Aaron Nola is going Game 4. By all measures they looked human, and ever since then, they've absolutely pummeled the Phillies to death. No hitter. Nail biter. Game 6 closeout where they let the Phillies breath for all of 10 minutes. That's how long the dream lasted since Game 3 and now the Astros are World Champions. In some strange sense, it was never really close. 

That's because the 2022 Houston Astros are fucking incredible. 

No kidding. 

They're World Champions. Get your merch here now. 

More later on Starting 9 and from my colleagues. 

PS - Shoutout Dusty Baker. You get your own blog. I'm at a wedding right now just give me a minute.