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After Taking The Weekend To Marinate On The New Drake & 21 Savage Album, "Her Loss", I Have Some Thoughts To Share

I'm really conflicted on this album. Which is why it's taken me 4 days to put thoughts down on this wordpress box as to how I feel about it. Even going back and forth, absolutely LOVING one of the tracks on this album, and wanting to gag over others, I keep coming back to the thought of "what the fuck happened to Drake?"

He's on one of the coldest streaks I've seen since Jayson Heyward signed in Chicago. 

I'd say he is in desperate, desperate need of a slump buster, but I'm pretty sure he's doing pretty well in the pussy department.

What is Drake doing is the question I continue to find myself asking?

Making fun of and mocking Megan Thee Stallion, who was shot by her piece of shit boyfriend Tory Lanez? Why? What the fuck did she do to you Drake? 

“This bitch lie ‘bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion/She don’t even get the joke but she still smilin’”

He also took shots at Kanye, who he supposedly made amends with this past year -

DRAM (“Try to bring the DRAM to me/He ain’t know how we ‘Cha Cha Slide’”), Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian (“Serena, your husband a groupie”), and even Brooklyn “Munch” newcomer Ice Spice (“She a 10, tryin’ to rap, it’s good on mute”).

This album should have been fire. The duo compliment each other surprisingly well, as is apparent on their collabs from 2018, "Sneakin"

and this past year's "Jimmy Cooks"

21 Savage's deadpan delivery clashes perfectly with Drake's flashy braggadocio style in a way that ensures the track never dies out as they volley back and forth.

But Her Loss seems more like a Drake album with features from 21 Savage than a true collaborative effort. And if suffers because of it. He takes most of the lead verses, and 21 Savage is reduced to a supporting role. Some songs are simply Drake by himself. 

The two standout tracks on the album are “Pussy & Millions”, which features Travis Scott

and the record that had the entire internet buzzing all weekend, "Circo Loco".

If that beats sounds familiar to you it's because it is. It's the unmistakable sound of the legendary Daft Punk smash, "One More Time", tempo slowed, chopped, and boosted with a snare drum.

You're hating if you say the song isn't hot. It is. As much as I can do without the Meghan Thee Stallion and Kanye disses, it's a complete package and Drake and Savage came through on the extremely risky endeavor of trying to do Daft Punk's biggest hit justice.

The production in general on Her Loss is a noticeable step up from Drake's prior two works. The submarine Juicy J and DJ Paul flip from “Hours in Silence” 

is joined by reworks of Ginuwine (“Treacherous Twins”), 

B.G.O.T.I. (“Spin Bout U”), 

and the same Isley Brothers song that previously became JAY-Z and Too $hort’s “A Week Ago” (“Privileged Rappers)

Just the fact they were able to get all of these cleared, in addition to the Daft Punk sample is fuckin incredible.

To say this album is confusing is the understatement of all understatements. The message is clear, or at least it seems so at first- Her Loss is littered with bitter, very vicious barbs for women who have betrayed Drake and 21 Savage. Yet there's Drake continuously lamenting about it all being "his fault" as he does on every album.

All in all, this album is better overall than Honestly, Nevermind, and Certified Lover Boy, but that's not saying much since the bar was so low. That's mostly do to the awesome production which carries lazy songwriting.

I give Her Loss 3 Balls.