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This Is The Worst National Anthem Of All Time

Oh man. That was tough to get through. I mean - he literally apologized when he was done. That's a pretty good indicator of how that went.

I know that singing the National Anthem in front of a crowd isn't exactly a walk in the park or anything, but MY GOD - you can't be doin what this guy right here did! 

He had the lyrics right in front of him, didn't even start the anthem the right way (EITHER TIME HE BEGAN), got upset with the crowd for not saving his ass and singing over him, and then literally went, "Oh say does that....shiiiiiiieeet....Star Spangled!" at the end! 

How do you mess that up while reading the lyrics in front of you?! Could he not read his own handwriting?! Or use context clues?!

I loved the faces of those in the crowd realizing this guy has no shot of getting through the song 2 seconds in....

This heavy shot at our nation comes via Freedom Fight Night, which is a regional MMA company that I think Tito Ortiz is involved with. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much heartache for our great nation, but I already saw some flags at half mast this morning, so who knows.

I'd say it was easily the most disrespectful song about America since the DX Band gave 'America The Beautiful' a shot at WrestleMania 14….

P.S. If this guy was actually having a stroke while trying to sing the National Anthem, I take this blog back and feel very bad for him. If not tho, he deserved it.

P.P.S. Here is a beautiful rendition of our Anthem as a palate cleanser….