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Top Things To Do On Your Commute

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I was commuting and it hit me - I've been commuting to work in some form or fashion for 16 years. In the Army and as a civilian. Short commutes (5 minutes) and long commutes (60 minutes or more depending on the day). Driving myself and public transportation. But one thing has remained constant throughout all these years - no matter the length of time or mode of transportation, I've always been productive and I never complained about the commute. No sense in complaining about something that everyone has to do. I figured I'd share my list of top things to do while commuting. 


Yep good old fashioned reading. Years ago it was a newspaper or whatever book I was powering through. Now, it can be a newsletter to get me caught up on what's going on in the world. May I suggest The Water Coolest. It covers finance, current events, and pop culture. Let me paint a picture - imagine you knew you had a meeting with two colleagues every week. Both colleagues are very successful. Both at the top of their respective fields. One is even a known multi-millionaire. Wouldn't you want to know what's going on in the world so you don't sound dumb? Exactly, check out the newsletter.


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Seems like everyone these days has a podcast. Most don't last but if they do it usually means they produce a quality show that lots of folks listen to regularly. Veterans Day is around the corner so why not brush up on the top Veteran podcast in the country, Zero Blog Thirty? Podcasts are also a great way to learn about a topic relevant to your job so you can be productive even if you're driving.


Some days you work from home and have all the time in the world to answer emails. Other days you're busy for an hour in back-to-back meetings and don't have time to look at your inbox or prepare notes. The commute is a great time to catch up on your correspondence.


Cons, how is music productive? Maybe you think you have a stressful job. Maybe you think your boss picks on you even when he doesn't. Throw on some Taylor Swift and help yourself calm down. 


If you wrote a blog on each commute every day and just one at the office, shoot that would be 15 blogs per week! If you worked for a blog, the commute is prime time to blog. Heck, I came up with this blog in 5 minutes while on my commute.  

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P.S. The commute montage in Devil Wears Prada after Andréa has her transformation is an all time movie (and commute) scene