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The Feds Are Investigating Dan Snyder!!! The US Attorney's Office Is After Him!!!! This Is The Best Day Of My Life!!!!!

ESPN - The U.S. attorney's office in the Eastern District of Virginia has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that the Washington Commanders engaged in financial improprieties, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ESPN on Wednesday.

The sources said prosecutors are focused on several areas, and that the inquiry was triggered by a letter the House Committee on Oversight and Reform sent to the Federal Trade Commission and several attorneys general in April that alleged deceptive business practices. Attorneys general in Virginia and Washington, D.C., also are investigating allegations of financial impropriety.

One former employee testified before Congress, saying the team had two separate financial books: one with underreported ticket revenue that went to the NFL and the full, complete picture. According to testimony, Snyder was aware of the numbers shared with the league while also being privy to the actual data. The business practice was known as "juice" inside Washington's front office.


What's better than Dan Snyder selling the team???? DAN SNYDER GOING TO JAIL TOO!!!!!

This stems from the investigation that Snyder was cooking the books, lying about revenue, stealing money from the other NFL owners:



And now the puzzle pieces are starting to come together, eh?

This is incredible. It all caught up to him. Thank you Baby Jesus laying there in your manger, we did it. I can't believe this is happening. It's amazing. A billionaire got caught stealing money from other billionaires and now it's all falling down. I can't smile harder if I tried.

This has been my life's work. I've done more blogs, done more to show how terrible of a human Dan Snyder is than anyone else on the internet. I feel like we're so close to the finish line. It's simple incredible. So close. Let's finish this off AND THROW SNYDER IN JAIL TOO!!!!!

What a day. What a god damn day.