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The AP Poll Voter Who Keeps Trying To Justify Having Alabama Ranked Ahead Of Tennessee Should Be In Prison

Everybody meet Mike Berardino, the biggest idiot in college football.

For those who may not know why this moron is tweeting out Sagarin rankings and using them to take the worst victory lap of all-time, allow me to explain. Our pal Mike has a vote in the AP Poll, one of the most outdated college football traditions around. Mike has used that vote to repeatedly rank Alabama ahead of Tennessee the past few weeks, despite the fact those teams played and Tennessee won — something which seems relatively important in my mind when comparing two teams to one another.

He claims this is justified because his trusty computer model would still have Bama favored on a neutral field.

So if that's what we should all be using to determine who the best teams are, that is inherently an argument against playing any games. We should have the computers simulate the entire season and determine who wins the national title. The computers know all.

And secondly, Mike, you ranked Michigan ahead of Tennessee despite the Vols being a spot above the Wolverines in your model. Explain that one, asshole. It seems like the model is only the answer when it benefits your narrative.

Mike Berardino should be in prison. He's the lowest of the low not just in college football media, but in our society as a whole.

Thankfully, we will have rankings released tonight by the College Football Playoff committee which are determined by some pretty smart people and actually count for something. I'd like to hear Mike's thoughts when the Vols are No. 1 in the first CFP poll.