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Kareem Hunt Wearing A Joker Mask While Discussing His Trade Request From The Browns Was Very Fitting

Oh my goodness, talk about a missed opportunity. Kareem Hunt, fresh off getting 15 touches (more than he had in the previous two games combined) last night in the Browns domination of the Bengals, took interviews after the game in a Joker mask. He answered questions in his normal voice and with normal honest answers, but my stance is, if you're going to put on the mask, might as well go the whole nine yards and start talking like the Joker too. 

I mean, it's no secret that Kareem is looking for a new contract and more touches, likely being the feature back somewhere else next year. When asked about him requesting a trade, how about a:

He also could've worked in a "I used to think the Browns were a tragedy, now I've realized they're a comedy". The fact of the matter is Kareem Hunt is upset with his workload, and he would be fine with it if the Browns were winning, but they shockingly have not been.

That's just a fair statement out of Kareem. Makes sense why he was the Joker for Halloween because his situation has been a joke. He thinks / knows he can help, when he does get the ball we win, and he's not getting the ball and we're losing. He got the ball last night and we won. I don't see why we can have more Chubb 20 touch, Hunt 15 touch games, but I don't call the plays. 

You know another week in which the Browns won? Week 1.

Hmmm. Seems like we may want to try this more often?

I personally don't want to trade Kareem Hunt. They say we can hopefully get a 4th round pick for him, and I'd say I'd rather give it another shot for the 2nd half of the year than concede the season now. We've got a Bye Week heading into the Dolphins (Stefanski 2-0 with Bye prep time), then the Bills, then the Bucs. If we can win two of those three, we've got Deshaun Watson coming back for 6 very winnable games. Just need to be in striking distance at 5-6 when he returns. I think we still have a chance….trading Kareem to me shows the Browns don't believe it. We'll know by 4 pm today.